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February 5, 2013 / mybodynbalance

6 Tips to Avoid Processed Foods

Yes, I know…we all have our favorite junk food SPLURGE, but really, it’s best to  feed your body the most natural food out there.  Processed food is linked to obesity, disease, and tooth decay…

Stay Away From Anything White

What does white bread, white rice and white all have in common? Bleached and enriched wheat flour or grain. These are some of the most highly processed foods on the planet. BAD. BAD. BAD.

Shop on the Outside Edge of the Store

One of the easiest places to find unprocessed, healthy, whole foods is to purchase most of your groceries on the outside edge of the store. The edges are where you’ll find produce, meat, eggs, dairy and seafood. Yes I KNOW you will have to venture into the isles BUT do the majority on the “edges of the store”.

If the Label has More Than 6 Ingredients

SIMPLE, don’t buy it! The more ingredients the food has in it, the more it has been processed. BAD. BAD. BAD.

If Any of the First Three Ingredients End in “Ose”

“Ose” stands for sugar. Many sugars used in the food industry are highly processed, high in calories and are really bad for you.

If the Food Label Is Not Clear

What language is the food label written in? Are they real foods or chemical descriptions? Do you really know what a monosodium glutamate is??

If You Have a Coupon

Cheap food is just that—cheap. If it doesn’t cost much to make the food, it does not cost much to buy the food. Most likely there is not much nutritional quality to the food because it doesn’t have quality ingredients, like whole grains or natural stuff. I don’t know about YOU but I work too hard on my body to fill it up with crap. YUK!

So next time you shop… think about this.
Be good to your body & it will be good to you


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