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August 6, 2012 / mybodynbalance

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Balls

Soooo this is what happens when I have a sweet tooth and I am too lazy to walk to the store… I come up wit new fun recipes that are easy, tasty and not bad for you!!  Let me know what you think….. Lisa

  • 1/4 cups oat or wheat flour  (I used oat)
  • 1-¼ cup Rolled Oats
  • ¼ teaspoons sea salt
  • ½ cups  Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
  • ¼ cups No-sugar-added Applesauce
  • ⅓ cups Agave Nectar
  • 2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
  • ¼ cups Choc. Chips (tiny ones work best) *optional

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In a small bowl, whisk the flour, oats and salt; set aside.

Cream the peanut butter, applesauce, agave and vanilla in a large bowl until well-combined.

Add the flour and oats mixture and stir until combined. Add choco chips (if using) and stir well.

Scoop about two tablespoons of dough and roll into a ball. Repeat with the other dough.

Recipe makes about 16  balls.

Refrigerate or freeze and enjoy! ( I like them frozen…)

* Nutritional info to follow later



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