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August 6, 2012 / mybodynbalance


You’re probably used to doing cardio and weight workouts separately, and that’s fine.  But doing both in the same session raises your metabolism and can help you burn those last few unwanted pounds.  I try to incorporate these 3 ways of training into my classes here at BODY N BALANCE as well as in my own training (especially in the summer months)…try it and let me know what you think.  Lisa

    Go about your weight workout as normal but instead of resting between sets, perform light cardio such as jumping rope, doing jumping jacks, or jumping on a piece of cardio equipment for 60-90 sec.
    Perform a set and then do some highly intense activity for 15 seconds, followed by a 45-second easy bout for recovery. Then go back to the weights for another set. You can pair your lifting with any kind of cardio (i.e a treadmill sprint, intervals on an exercise bike, or with a jump rope, etc.)
    Start with compound movements, followed by isolation lifts. For instance, do a squat, followed by a lunge, hamstring curl, and leg extension. Do not rest until after the last exercise and then rest two minutes. You’ll get an awesome pump while burning lots of calories.


The most important thing to remember is that your diet must be good (clean) You can run 100 stairs in between every set, but if all you eat outside of the gym is fatty, processesed foods, you’re not going to drop the weight. JUST BECAUSE YOU WORKOUT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT.

That being said, trying the above techniques is a good way to kick up your current routine and help you to lose a few extra pounds. I would warn, however, that if you’re trying to pack on muscle or gain strength…. This is not the best avenue. Continuously doing cardio between sets will zap your strength, and therefore gaining muscle will be a challenge. If muscle is what you want, it is better to lift heavier & take rests between your sets.

Hope this helps!!

Luv & Muscles (or in this case…fat loss!)


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