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June 12, 2012 / mybodynbalance

CARBS. What’s the difference?!

  • Simple- Often found in foods like fruit, candy, and sports drinks, simple carbohydrates are made up of sugars that are quickly broken down when they enter the body. Simple carbs provide short bursts of energy that do not last for very long. Some people like to eat these BEFORE their workout to give the “quick energy” but ultimately the best time to eat these types of carbs is after a workout when your glycogen has been depleted out of your muscle.
  • Complex- Foods like bread, rice, oats, potatoes, and pasta are examples of complex carbs. The body takes longer to break down these types of carbs, so they provide you with energy for longer periods of time than simple carbs do. These are best eaten earlier in the day to give you the “all day energy” you need.
  • Fibrous- Green and leafy vegetables, vegetable and fruits skins are often called ‘roughage.’ These items have fibrous carbs in them. These types of carbs help you feel full much longer than other carbs because the body takes them longer to digest.  These are best eaten later in the day…remember what  I always say: LEAN & GREEN!

NOW that you know the difference between the types of carbs, you can see that there is NO REASON to go “CARB FREE”.
I hate nothing more than to hear my clients say “I am not eating carbs because I HAVE to lose this weight”.  That makes me CRAZY.
Eliminating carbs doesn’t make you lose “weight” 
Carbs hold water in the body. When they are eliminated from the diet, the weight lost is water weight which quickly returns once you  begin to consume carbs again.  It is also pretty much impossible to maintain a no carb diet for very long, as carbs are responsible for “fueling the brain & body” to live. 

We NEED carbs in our diet and here is 2 reasons why…
They provide you with the strength and energy you need to power through the toughest workouts
– When you are working out and trying to lose weight, you need all of the strength and energy you can get to perform at your best. Complex carbohydrates provide you with that needed energy for intense physical workouts. These types of carbs also take longer to convert to gluocose in the body, which means your blood sugar and energy levels will stay more consistent throughout your workout or class at BODY N BALANCE 😉

They replenish the stored carbohydrates in your muscles after a workout- Your muscles can not work without contracting, and this requires the right fuel. This fuel is what allows you to run, workout or do anything physical. Carbs are broken down into glucose when they enter the body. Therefore, eating carbs after your workout can help replenish the “stores” and help rebuild as well as keeping your muscles functioning properly.

I hope this sheds some light on the CARB ISSUE.  Man can not live on protein alone 😉

Luv & Muscles, Lisa


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  1. clickiescakes / Jun 15 2012 2:20 pm

    Thanks for breaking this down and clearing up the misconceptions about carbs. So do carbs break down easier when eaten with certain food combos?

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