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May 14, 2012 / mybodynbalance

Don’t YOU make these mistakes..

We ALL do it (or have done it).  Set our mind to “DIET” and think that doing some of (all of) the following will quicken our results.  Take a minute to find how many YOU are guilty of… I bet you have at least 2!!  Keep in mind that any of these will not make your weight loss goal come quicker, but more than likely slow down your results along with slowing your metabolism along the way…. Lisa

1. “Going on a diet”.. Being on a diet one week and off a diet the next, can be very self-defeating.  Think of eating smart as a “way of life.”

2. Drinking your calories.. An occasional caloric bev won’t kill you, but making sweetened drinks & sugar laden choices a regular part of your life can add hundreds of calories to your diet equaling added unwanted pounds to YOU.

3. Skipping meals.. Oh  I have said this time and again!!  All you are doing is slowing down your metabolism.  Your metabolism is like a “camp fire” it must be poked every few hours to spark back up to flame, to burn the calories.

4. Sorry, but condiments DO count!.. Sauces, dressings & spreads all add flavor & (usually) calories too.  You might be thinking,  since its low fat or fat-free, it’s ok…but have you checked the carbs? The sugar? You just MAY be surprised in some in cases… Keep a watchful eye.  (You are usually safe with most mustard choices)

5. Setting unrealistic goals.. If you tell yourself you want to lose 20 lbs. in one month, there is a good chance you’ll get bummed out when it doesn’t happen.  Set realistic goals, and make small adjustments to start out, then slowly add to them.  Be realistic, make changes, stick with them and you no doubt will SUCCEED!!

6. Selective label reading & portion control.. The serving  size on a label may not be the same as the amount you decide to eat.  Also, another HUGE mistake people make is checking the “servings per container”.  Most snack size bags of chips & juices are two servings (although we tend to eat/drink the entire thing).   Small indulgents are a part of life, just remember to do the math before you munch, so you don’t unknowingly sabotage your weight.


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