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February 6, 2012 / mybodynbalance


People start out with the best intentions when the head into a workout routine…and everyone thinks they are working out the “right way” but the truth of the matter is this is not always the case. I have made a list of a FEW of the things that can and will hinder your success….and how to go about fixing them, perhaps with the help of BODY N BALANCE…

NO ACCOUNTABILITY. We all think we can stop whenever we want to and start again “next week”. This is a true formula for failure.
AT BODY N BALANCE we offer a
Built in Support Group: building friendships provide you with “accountability partners” who will keep you motivated and coming back for more 🙂

STOP SHOPPING. How many of you have bought, P90X or a treadmill thinking “If it’s right here, I will have no excuse not to use it.” YES YOU WILL. You will find every excuse NOT to use it more than likely. Dinner needs to be cooked, the kids need help with their homework, laundry, you just want to sit down for a minute…well, you see where this is going…
We WILL make you spend your 45 min-1.5 hours doing JUST EXACTLY what you need to be doing. After all, we don’t have laundry here for you to fold 😉

NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Not to pick on the multimillion dollar exercise video industry, but… there are a few problems here (1) If it’s too easy, you will not get results. (2) If it’s too hard, you will just STOP doing it. And (3) Chances are you will use incorrect form, thus causing possible injury as well as poor results. You would be surprised how many times I have heard “oh yes I know how to do a perfect squat” just to watch them show me an exercise unknown to man!!?? SQUAT?? Not sure where some of these people learn their “correct form”.
With a membership here: (1 & 2) We promise it will not be too easy.
We Push You Harder: We won’t push you to physical injury, but we will push you to work harder than you would on your own…and out of your comfort zone. (3) We monitor your form, and your your person level of advancement. We keep you working & we keep you working at a level that will keep YOU challenged.

EAT SMART. Don’t be afraid to EAT. Just know what and when you should eat. Just because you workout, does NOT mean you can eat any and everything!!
I can help you out in this department personally…stop in and chat about this. My door is always open. It is however, very important to eat small healthy meals every 3-4 hours

DON’T KEEP IT IN THE HOUSE. If you love it, don’t buy it. It’s that simple. You may THINK you can stop at 2 Oreos, but most likely you can’t…or you wouldn’t have to lay down on the bed to zip your jeans.
I have an absolute LOVE for the a fore mentioned Oreos, therefore, I can NOT HAVE THEM AT HOME. See I am human too!! Not everyone has enough discipline, so if you take the goodies out of the equation, it becomes that much harder to “cheat when you eat.”

IT WON’T BE ALL FUN & GAMES. The cold hard truth is, working out is WORK, and most people are not willing to put in the work that is needed to actually see results.

This is a real sore subject with me, as you have seen in my past Facebook posts & blogs. If all you had to do was strap on a “little belt thingy” and go about cleaning your house, just to find that at the end of the week you have a six pack…we would ALL have six packs now wouldn’t we?? Pole dancing, Hip hop & Zumba… 3 more examples of what (more than likely will not deliver) what’s promised. Fun yes, amazing results no. I will say it yet again, just because you are sweating, doesn’t mean you are working as hard as you should be, to get the results that you desire. Don’t get me wrong, you do have to start somewhere…but if you have been working out they the theory of “something is better than nothing” (past blog see excerpt below) doesn’t hold true.
“You will not change your body if you don’t make adjustments to your workout…
Once your body gets used to you pushing it hard…you will NOT see results from what you “used” to do . Sure you will sweat (perhaps) and you may get out of breath (maybe), but after your body get’s used to a more rigorous form of exercise, the idea of doing something less challenging is really a wasted effort.”

One of my favorite things to say (yes, it’s corny but it is SO TRUE!) is “It’s called WORKI-ing out not FUN-ing out for a reason”.. and that my friends says it all..

Please take in to consideration the things I have posted today. How many of them have you been guilty of or thought about doing. I hope this helps you make better choices to help get you on track for the New Year and beyond. Please feel free to contact me or stop in with any questions, if you feel that I can help you further.

Luv & Muscles,


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  1. Lacea / Feb 8 2012 7:41 pm

    Ahh, oreos. I love them, and can’t have them in the house either!

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