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January 18, 2012 / mybodynbalance


People say to me every day… “I workout but I don’t really know what or how to eat. Can you give me some advice”  Well people, here it is….

Don’t view it as a diet, but way of life. Once you get past the initial annoyance of weighing/measuring your food, you will have a better understanding of portion control. Doing this will also make you more “aware” of what you are putting in your mouth and how often you are “snacking”. You will eventually enjoy the benefits of eating healthier (feeling better & weight loss) and will be happy making it part of your life.

Learn to enjoy cooking. It is also very important to embrace clean eating. “Clean eating” involves eating a variety of whole foods with minimal processing, lean meats, low fat dairy, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, healthy fats high fiber foods, and eating several small meals throughout the day, involving a lean protein source. When grocery shopping it is best to buy organic (yes, I KNOW it’s pricey) and stay on the perimeter of the grocery store. It’s the isles that will get you into trouble, as that my friends is where the PROCESSED GOODIES LIVE. Sadly, far too many strict dieters get into the mindset that clean eating is nothing but eating chicken, brown rice, and green veggies.The concept of eliminating an entire food group (Atkins) is nothing new, but it doesn’t make sense for a life long approach to healthy eating. Being too simplistic is neither healthy or appealing to most.

Make clean cooking full of flavor by experimenting! There’s an abundance of herbs, spices, marinades, rubs, and sauces that are amazing at helping you out with this. Citrus, dry rubs, herbs, spices, vinegar mustard, salsa, soy sauce, jalapenos, hot sauce, ginger, and garlic to name a few. You shouldn’t HAVE to eat boring food, unless you want to.

It’s Important to understand whats “good” and what’s “bad”The difference between a clean protein and a fatty one, a good fat, and a “bad” fat, a starchy carb, and a fibrous carb.You may initially struggle with determining what constitutes a healthy choice for a lean protein or a healthy carb, and what’s not. For the most part, it’s simply a matter of education. Read a book, or ask me. I am not a nutritionist but I can offer you background in the basic stuff. I have taken clients/members grocery shopping in the past and it can be a real shock to see what many people consider healthy!! Which brings me to my next point….

Read labels. I get laughed at all the time for this.. but in order to eat “clean” you have to scope out fat content, grams of protein, check the ingredient list, read calories per serving size, check for sodium and sugar content.

Protein, Protein, Protein  (I say this every day) Take a protein bar (although usually too high in sugar for most women if you get one with adequate protein), protein powder in a zip lock bag, or tuna pouches in your purse or gym bag. The same could be said of good fat sources, like almonds or nuts for a quick snack.

2 MORE (misc) TIPS:

Have an accountability partner We all think we can start and stop when we feel like it because there is zero accountability—this is a formula for failure. You could even use Facebook, MySpace or Twitter to inform friends that they’ve reached your weight goal but still need the ongoing support to get to the gym.
*Joining BODY N BALANCE will give you all the support you need & hold you accountable (requiring you to sign up ahead of time for your weekly classes)

Take a break. No one can eat clean all the time or workout everyday without a break. It would be counterproductive. IF you were to never have a cupcake or glass of wine (hmmm does this sound familiar?) you would eventually feel deprived, thus resulting in (no doubt) a binge. Taking a break from working out can also be beneficial. Take at least 1-2 days off a week to give the body time to rest and heal. I personally take a WEEK off 2x a year just so when I go back to working out, I have a (for lack of sounding silly) hunger to hit the weights again.



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