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January 17, 2012 / mybodynbalance

Live Event! Chat live with me and get your fitness questions answered!

Dearborn Patch

Owner of Body N Balance

 Thursday, Jan. 19,  from 2-3 p.m. on the Dearborn Patch website.

I am proud and excited to announce that I will be giving a Chatting LIVE via instant message with Dearborn’s online magazine, the Dearborn Patch! As you know, I blog about fitness topics, try to cover the latest fitness trends and give advice. Here is your chance to ask me yourself.

On Thursday, Jan. 19, I  will talk live on Dearborn Patch from 2-3 p.m. with anyone looking to shape up, lose weight, or achieve a specific fitness goal in 2012.

Need some advice on where to start? Interested in trying out personal training?

I will answer questions, talk about common fitness follies and give advice.

Can’t make it? Feel free to submit your questions ahead of time and I will try to respond during the chat or personally by webmail here. There will be a replay of the chat posted after the live broadcast.

Join me here on Dearborn Patch’s website  this Thursday and prepare to make 2012 your healthiest year ever!!

You can even set an email reminder here. I look forward to chatting  with  you!!

Love and Muscles!!

Lisa Nash

Founder, Owner of
Body N Balance Fitness Studio
Blogger, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

For more information about my fitness philosophy, studio, classes or training visit


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