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October 5, 2011 / mybodynbalance

Are YOU….fat?!

Obesity statistics in the United States have been on the rise for years. The U.S. surgeon general recently said that being obese and overweight has risen to epidemic proportions in America.

According to the surgeon general:

1. 34 percent of Americans over age 20 are obese.

2. In 2006, there were more than 72 million obese people in America.

3. Obesity occurs in more women than men; more than 35 percent of women are obese compared to just over 33 percent of men.

4. Poor women are obese six times more frequently than women of higher economic status.

5. 78 percent of Americans fail to meet even the basic level of activity recommended.

6. Approximately 25 percent of Americans live a completely sedentary life.

7. Over 9 million kids from age 6 to age 19 are overweight.


* Obesity is associated with 70 percent of cardiovascular illnesses.

* Obese people make up 42 percent of breast cancer and colon cancer diagnoses.

* Gall bladder surgery is related to obesity 30 percent of the time.

* Over one quarter of obese people have high blood pressure.

*Obesity is associated with 80 percent of the cases of Type II Diabetes.


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