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June 2, 2011 / mybodynbalance

PRESS RELEASE : Body N Balance promotes health and fitness to Dearborn area residents.


Body N Balance may look like the new gym in town, but they have been around for almost 5 years. “Being a Dearborn resident my whole life, I wanted to bring an active business to the city in which I live,” said Lisa Nash, owner of Body N Balance. “I also feel that it is important to make fitness fun but effective, so a person sticks with it. Our classes are run like group personal training, meaning each person works within a class at their own level, not that of the person next to them.“


Body N Balance was born for those who don’t feel comfortable in a traditional gym, and is more of a cardio fitness center geared mainly toward weight loss and cardio strength. Classes include: various aerobics, circuit, kickboxing, toning and strength, plyometric and 1 on 1 personal training. Lisa takes a unconventional approach to otherwise traditional classes…and does not offer the latest “fitness craze” type classes (i.e Zumba, hip hop, pole dancing.) She thinks of her members as athletes, and trains them accordingly. One member described her class as “different than expected and intensely challenging.” Current ages range from 17-65. Lisa is striving to show how detrimental exercise is in a persons life. According to Lisa, “It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, combats stress, controls blood sugar, increases circulation… not to mention makes your clothes fit better!”


The move to Dearborn, was not one that happened by accident. Lisa has relocated her training studio, right in the middle of a street lined with health care professionals where she is currently working with local doctors, in efforts to guide their patients toward a more physical life style. She also works with the local recruiting office to help future recruits prepare for boot camp.


Nash stated, “We at Body N Balance help others understand how health and fitness go hand in hand, as well as trying to get woman to break out of the mind set that training hard will make them look unfeminine. Women need to realize that there is not enough testosterone in the female body to give them giant muscles…and it kills me every time I hear a woman say that they are afraid to train with weights because they bulk up too fast!”


If you would like more information about Body N Balance, or to schedule a consultation with Lisa Nash visit or call (313)792-8181. Located at 2315 Monroe Street, Dearborn, MI.


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