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February 3, 2011 / mybodynbalance

Eat “good” train hard & look GRRREEEATTT! ;)

Let’s face it, health and fitness is not a huge priority for many people... if it were, there would be more gyms than restaurants and all the fast food places would go out of business. Everyone has a different level of what they are willing to give up as far as eating all the delicious junk food. There is nothing wrong with eating junk food but just know that the more of it you eat, the worse you are going to look even if you are not over weight. It just comes down to daily choices of what you want, delicious treats or a great body.

I eat everything plain. (spices and seasonings are fine)
If you are putting cheese, butter sauces, mayonnaise, fried up breaded coatings,
etc. on everything, you are defeating the purpose of eating this way so don’t even bother and just try to eat as healthy as you can. I just make consistent choices of plain food rather than crap.

When I first started out, I bought a fitness magazine and copied a sample food plan from there. Which one? It doesn’t matter…. THEY ALL WORK, BUT ONLY IF FOLLOWED for a long time!!!

Which means eating what the plan says, and NOT eating the crap. If you eat as much crap as you can in addition to the plan you are following, you can keep waiting to see results, it won’t be happening anytime soon. Most people set out to follow the plan, and then never do and never see results and then wonder what is wrong. If you aren’t following the plan and eliminating all the crap you love to eat, you will always be wondering why you are still in the same place.

Try not eating (or drinking) any crap for a month and see how great you look and feel.

There is no magical combination of these plain foods which will give you instant results
If you are searching for the ‘right plan’ or asking someone for a ‘sample’ or ‘typical day’… you are probably still searching for a magical food menu which you think will give you instant results and make you not like the delicious taste of crap anymore.

The key is to fuel your body properly.
I have seen many people come so far as to realize they need to change their eating habits in order to be fit, but SO MANY fall into some crazy ridiculous mindset,….where they believe there is a secret magical calorie amount or food combination, or ‘typical’ day of eating.. out there that will produce the desired results instantly. Overcomplicating can be a BIG mistake and I can’t get over how many people take that road.


Results take time and consistency.., so don’t give up! AND if you need me…I will be there! ~Lisa


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