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January 6, 2011 / mybodynbalance


1. You are totally confused. The number of diet plans, and workout routines out there can cause sensory overload. It is tough to narrow down what is right for YOU.  Here at BNB, we will put you on the right track to success!

2. You have stopped making gains.You have been working out for a while, and have stopped making gains/seeing the results you want.  I can help find out the changes that need to be made (diet, workouts, classes chosen, form) to get you back on track!

3. You need to be challenged. Plateaus are often hard to break through by yourself.  You can save a lot of time and wasted energy if you are working with  someone who knows how to help.  Also, most people don’t PUSH themselves as hard as they should to make the gains they want.

4. Injuries & special needs. If you are injured or have specific needs then we can/will work with your Dr. to make sure that your routine is effective while being safe for you.

5. Bad form. Everyone THINKS they have good form, but not USUALLY the case.  Poor form, causes injury, and hinders results… with help from US , we will make sure this doesn’t happen.

6. WE run our classes like “group personal training”. We motivate members & keep them coming back.  Each person advances at THEIR pace, meaning everyone works at  a separate level (if necessary) and advance when THEY are ready within the class.  Let us help you reach your fitness goals— whatever they may!

Hope this helps you decide to join us!! 😉


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  1. Jenn / May 9 2011 12:03 pm

    i personally LOVE what BNB has done for me….I feel like I’m getting in the best shape of my life…..

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