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October 1, 2010 / mybodynbalance

Lisa’s “product plug”

Ok, as many of you know…at least those of you that know me personally…I HATE TO RUN!  However, being that I am a fair person and I train my clients (many of which are die hard runners) to THEIR breaking point each and every session…I decided with the new year I would start out and FORCE myself to do something that I find not only loathsome but challenging as well.  I would “learn” to run.

SO, 2 5-k’s down, a sore knee & a stress fractured foot…I have come to the realization that I HATE TO LOVE RUNNING.  I can’t say I have found the “runners high” or that “euphoria” that many say they feel.  Nor, can I say that I have ANY desire to EVER run further that a 5-k…  BUT I HAVE found myself logging 10-15 miles  (almost) weekly (at a less than impressive speed to say the least.)

The main reason of this long-winded blog, unlike all the others…is to let you know about a product that has truly made running a little bit…dare I say it…LIKEABLE!?????

REEBOK  RUNTONE although not my favorite color … these things are the BEST FEELING SHOES I HAVE EVER PUT MY TOOTSIES IN!!!
(Not to mention I had the best 3 mile time ever.)

I would love to hear your feedback if you’ve tried these shoes 🙂  please send your comments.


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