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August 2, 2010 / mybodynbalance

Write it down! ALL of it… ;)

A recent study found that people who keep a food diary lose twice the weight compared to those who do not track their foods.
Source: Am. Journal of Preventive Medicine

Tracking what you eat by using a food diary can help you determine how many calories you’re consuming each day.
In the beginning, get out the measuring cups and spoons, and measure your servings! You might be surprised at what you find out. After a little while, you should be able to estimate your serving sizes.

Once you have a baseline journal, you can set priorities for what to work on:

1.  Do you eat well when eating by yourself, but go overboard when you’re with friends?

2.  Does the routine of a workday keep you in line, while the freedom of the weekend weakens your willpower?

3.  Do you subsist on convenience foods that are heavy on processing but light on nutrients and real taste?

4.  Do you eat when you’re stressed? Tired?  Sad?

And Remember: A food journal, can be the instrument of change!!


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