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July 5, 2010 / mybodynbalance

(July) What’s the HARM….

So you’re in the gym (or a class here at BODY N BALANCE) and you slack on the last few reps of any given exercise…. “what’s the harm” you ask…
WELL  no harm per se, but no GAIN EITHER.  Strength training  builds lean muscle mass by creating tiny tears in muscles (this is where the term ripped comes from) as they fatigue & then rebuilding them stronger during the recovery phase.  That fatigue usually sets in during the last few reps in each set…SKIP them and you will maintain your CURRENT fitness level.
Now I ask you, WHO want’s to stay at the level they’re at?  It’s all about pushing yourself (and if you can’t…that’s why I’m here!) After all…My members and clients have heard me say it 1000’s of times :YOU ONLY GET OUT OF YOUR WORKOUT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!!!!!  🙂
Remember this next time you wanna quit…

Love & Muscles!  Lisa


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