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February 26, 2010 / mybodynbalance

10 reasons you aren’t losing weight.

1. MEDICAL: check with you dr. to make sure everything is on the “up & up”.

2. PRESCRIPTIONS: There are certain side effects associated with some meds.

3. EGO: Sometimes thinking “you know best” can be your downfall.  Hire a trainer (hint hint) or a nutritionist to get you on track…at least to start.

4.MOTIVATION: You may have the best plan around, but if you don’t put it into action…it’s not gonna work!

5. NOT EATING ENOUGH: (see past blog on this) When you don’t eat enough, your body will adapt & slow your metabolism.

6. BAD EATING PATTERNS: You know what to eat…but not when to eat it.  Or you start your day without having measured prepared meals on hand.

7. LACK OF SLEEP: 6-8 hours are necessary to help the body recover properly.

8.  BEING INCONSISTENT: Stick to the plan…AND the diet.  Simply said.

9. CARDIO: In order to lose weight you must burn approx. 3,500 calories. So suck it up & do that cardio!

10.PLATEAU: Your body WILL adapt to your diet & exercise paln…after awhile. Change it up every 4-6 weeks to keep the body guessing!

Hope this helps!



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