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December 12, 2009 / mybodynbalance

Pushing your limits = RESULTS!

The following information was taken from another blog I have read…but in all actuality…it is nothing that I, myself haven’t said 100 times! Never the less, it’s important stuff so here it is…
Muscle failure refers to lifting weights to the point where a muscle can no longer contract.
A lot of times I hear that people do not get the results that they want from working out–this is where the mistake comes in, because they didn’t train even close to muscular failure.
The answer is simple. You don’t see results unless you challenge the body enough.
For example: if the workout calls for 3 sets of 10 reps. You should struggle on the 10 rep… and if you were to try for an 11th or 12th rep, it should be darn near impossible to do it. THAT is how you know you are pushing the muscles & using the “correct weight”

If this is one of the mistakes you have been making during your workout,then kick up the intensity & use weights that CHALLENGE YOU (ladies, I swear, you won’t get big)…OR JOIN BODY N BALANCE and WE will monitor your weight/rep range—EVERY TIME YOU’RE HERE!


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