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November 24, 2009 / mybodynbalance

UGH!! I will say this ’til I’m blue in the face!!

I am sick to death of this no-carb, low-carb…no-fat, low-fat… high fat-no carb diet phase!! BALANCE–that’s all we need.  Our BODIES ARE BUILT FOR BALANCE…. hence the name of this gym…

We need FAT: They’re called “essential” fatty acids for a reason. We need it so our bodies don’t get malnourished. We need it to build cell membranes. We need it to slow the absorption of nutrients so you can go longer without feeling hungry. Heart healthy Omega-3’s  help keep our triglycerides in check & may improve insulin resistance.We need PROTEIN: You need protein to build and keep muscle.  Eating protein can help your body burn up to 35% more calories in digestion. When carbohydrates are eaten WITHOUT protein, insulin levels sky-rocket! Not good!We need CARBS: Simply put, carbs fuel our brain.  Without carbs, we couldn’t function. Carbs are what give our foods, texture, crunch & color.




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