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November 24, 2009 / mybodynbalance

Time to (Re)BALANCE yourself

1. Never skip breakfast
Remember all micronutrients (fat, protein & carbs) Don’t just eat toast with butter…where’s the protein?  Add some natural peanut butter or eat a yogurt.

2.Eat every 3-4 hours
Even if it’s just a small snack (apple & string cheese)

3. Do not eat after 8pm
Unless…you have just worked out…then remember LEAN & GREEN!

4. Do Not eat until you feel stuffed
The brain takes 10-15 minutes to realize it’s full…if you wait until you feel very full, you’ve over eaten.

5. A good rule of thumb for an average active woman is: 40% carbs—30% fat—30% protein

Hope this helps!
Luv & Muscles, Lisa


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