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August 28, 2009 / mybodynbalance

Hello world!

Body N Balance store front

Body N Balance store front

I have been a Dearborn resident my entire life & have always had a passion for fitness. While training to become a firefighter, I hired a personal trainer to help me develop the upper body strength (that most women lack) and that is extremely important in firefighting. I became so intrigued in how the muscles worked & how diet plays a key role in muscular development–I looked into becoming a trainer myself. After attending various fitness seminars & completing my certification: ACE (American Council on Exercise) I worked independently for some time. During that time I started to get a feel of what most of my clients were looking for & I really wanted to open a fitness center geared toward those needs. That is how the idea of BODY N BALANCE came to be!




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  1. Melissa / Sep 3 2009 2:01 am

    Body N Balance has tremendously change my life. I lost over 40 pounds. Not only have I lost the weight, I’ve toned my body with muscle and I am running my first marathon (26.2 miles) in Oct. My life is forever changed thanks to Lisa and Body N Balance.
    Thanks Lisa!!

  2. Jenn (fer) / Sep 24 2009 6:04 pm

    “I’m SO glad that I decided to join Body-n-Balance!
    I didn’t think it was going to work out for me. But MAN!
    I lost 5+ pounds the first two weeks and about 2 pants
    Sizes. But the coolest part about it is the atmosphere.
    It’s laid back but strict at the same time. I met some
    Really cool people and Lisa is becoming a really good
    Friend of mine!! It’s slowly turning into a little family
    Over there. I just love it SO much!” –Jenn (Fer)

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